Frequently Asked Questions

How much are property taxes?

You can figure your property taxes will run approximately 2% of the selling price, if your parcel sold for $24,900 you can figure about $500 in annual taxes.


Are the property taxes included in the monthly payment?

No. Township Treasurers mail out Tax Bills near the end of June and the end of November and you will be responsible for paying them. We prorate taxes in the year of purchase after the tax bills have been received in each period.


Do you run a credit check?

Yes. We review credit reports as a matter of practice though it is only an issue if it is different than what we have been told to expect.


Are there any additional costs, other than the down payment?

The only cost other than your down payment is a $17.00 recording fee. The recording fee is returned when you return the signed contract, and the recording fee check is made payable directly to the county register of deeds. The purpose of the recording fee is to record your ownership in the land with the county register of deeds in the county that you are purchasing your property in.


How do I go about purchasing a parcel of land?

First of all you will need to come up and see the property. If you find something you wish to purchase all you need is the down payment amount. If you are with either Bob or Tom they can draw up the purchase agreement and get the ball rolling. If you have looked at the property on your own, then the purchase agreement can sent to you through the postal service, you will be given 10 days to receive and return the paper work. We will need your legal name (s), martial status, address, telephone number, date of birth, social security number, and driver license number.


Is there a discount for cash?

There is not a cash discount given.