Timberwood Parcel #7 (TW-07), is a unique 10.03 acre of land featuring both high ground and a peat bog. The high-ground is located on the north end of the parcel and is wooded with a mature forest; the lower growing vegetation on the peat bog at south portion opens up a view of the distant countryside and ridgeline.  The Peat bog is a floating mat of vegetation which does allow for walking on. The mature forest has large White Pine trees and Maple trees.  The cleared driveway leads to a large clearing for camping or building.   State Land is a short walk to the north. This parcel can be purchased on Land Contract for $19,900 with $1000 Down and $240 per month at 11% Interest. The address for this parcel is: 4853 Timberwood Court, Cheboygan, MI.